Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Report 2

Status and Accomplishments
  • Build and run DSPLink, Codec-Engine and iUNIVERSAL examples.
  • Tested DSPLib for DFT on 64x+ cycle accurate simulator.
  • Tested RTSC codec package wizard and RTSC server wizard.
  • Looked into iUNIVERSAL examples for better understanding.
  • Look further into iUNIVERSAL API .
  • Modify and rebuild iUNIVERSAL examples that could use few of the DSPLib and IMGLib functions.
  • Use CCS and JTAG for debugging.
  • Look into xDAIS standard.
  • Was unable to debug using JTAG. Looking for help on JTAG debugging. Also posted for help on
  • Was unable to generate DSP executable using RTSC server package wizard. Also posted for help on

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