Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you using OpenEmbedded based development inside VMware Linux??

If you are also using openembedded based development environment inside virtual Linux, before starting with the development you should pay attention to few thing. I came across different issues. Here I try to summarize it.

1) Make sure you have plenty of disk space to accommodate the build procedure. Plenty does not mean few Gigabytes. It should be minimum of 30GB but adding some more GB to it will not harm. I had allocated 20GB separately for openembedded but turn out to be havoc in between of the build procedure.
--> To solve this issue, I had to allocate more space. I now have 50GB and things seems to be fine now.
2) If you are using VMware Player,(suggested is VMware Workstation) you cannot directly expand your disk size unless you have the version 3 or new. You can go to setting before launching your VMware Linux and then then expand your drive. But again you have to create or extend partition inside guest OS(Ubuntu in my case)using 'gparted' or similar partition tool.
3)Don't provide symbolic link to your newly created disk space. You should rather start building after you #cd OE_Base_Dir_On_New_Partition. Otherwise, you may end-up with error similar to
make: GNUMakefile: Too many levels of symbolic links
make: stat: GNUMakefile: Too many levels of symbolic links.
make: ***No rule to make target 'GNUMakefile'. Stop.
Fatal: oe_runmake failed.
There is some issue with coreutils-native-7.2.-r1 package. The GNUMakefile is symbolically linked to itself if symbolic link is used within build path.
4)Try to allocate more that 512 MB of memory while working with VMware. You may end up with the following error
cc1: out of memory allocating XXXXXXX bytes after a total of YYYYYYYY bytes
--> Issue solved by increasing the memory size using VMware setting.

As OpenEmbedded based development generally take lots of time, plan and act ahead to save time!!!!

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  1. Hello, I'd suggest to use VirtualBox instead of VMWare.

    Good luck!