Monday, May 17, 2010

GSoC 2010 : OpenCV DSP Acceleration

Warm Greeting to all,
I am writing blog for the first time. I knew that I had to start it some day. And I think the day has come. I am not used to blogging and I apologize in advance if I am not able to convey my ideas clearly.

This summer, summer of 2010, I will be working on OpenCV DSP acceleration. My proposal for OpenCV DSP Acceleration was selected for Google Summer of Code 2010. My mentoring organization is I would like to thank my mentors Leonardo Estevez, Katie Roberts-Hoffman and Luis Gustavo Lira for their decision to give there precious time during this summer.

My Work
The goal of this project is to accelerate OpenCV ( which is a open-source computer vision library) using the on-chip DSP C64x+ on OMAP3530. I will be using Beagleboard which house heterogeneous processor unit like ARM Cortex-A8 and TMS320C64x+ DSP. I am basically planning to port few OpenCV API link cvDFT(), cvSobel(), cvAvgSdv(), cvIntegral() to DSP. These accelerated libraries will then be used to demonstrate to success of the project by building a application for template-matching. This application will capture image using a camera continuously and do the template-matching with stored templates after processing the captured image.

If you think you can help me with fantastic ideas and suggestions, I will really appreciate that. I will be continuously posting my progress and details. Please, don't forget to check back later for updates and for your suggestions.


  1. This is great to hear. Hope it goes well!

  2. Good luck!
    Do you plan on using the Cortex A8's NEON as well?

  3. Thanks! For now, the plan is to use DSP, but if time permits I will look into NEON too.

  4. Good luck man!

    I will definitely follow your results :)

  5. Hi.... How is your work going on???