Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Debugging with CCS4 using XDS510USB+ for Beagleboard.

It had been a while that I had not posted anything. For more that a week since the official date for coding, I was stuck on JTAG debugging and later with RTSC wizard. Since, the problem is solved now I think it is worth mentioning here and can be useful for someone who would like to use CCS4 for debugging the stuff going around in beagleboard using XDS510USB+. I will try to eleborate the problem I faced and how I overcame it.

Problem: After I lunched the debugger, I was able to connect to the CortexA8 of the beagleboard but not to the DSP. And later not able to load my program even I could connect to the DSP.


Updated my CCS4 to Version

Used gel files: sdomap35xx_c64plus.gel for DSP


Whenever I tried to connect to the DSP of beagleboard, it gave error message containing " cpu clock...". I knew it that the DSP is in the reset mode and it should be released from the reset mode. But the gel script to reset did not work for me. I could see 'Scripts->OMAP35xx Functions->C64xPlusRelease_FromReset'. When ever I executed this, there was no result and any message on the console. Then I modified one of the dsplink example as in, powered on the beagleboard, loaded the necessary modules to run the DSPLink example. Started CCS4, started the debug session. In the beagle boarad, i executed the sample example which release the DSP from reset and and keeps it in a infinite loop. On the code composer studio, I the clicked 'Connect Target'. The CCS4 was then connected to the DSP. But still I was not able to load my program. Trying to load my program gave me diffirent error message like ..DSP is in wait-in-reset mode...any some time other.

The solution to this was simply to wait. I was so desperate to test my DSP that I never bothered to wait. If I try to play with the DSP and load my program before the example code finish its execution (which took almost 2 minutes as the DSP was in infinite loop and gpp side exit with failed status), then I could not do anything after that. Any attempt to run execution and tricks was unsuccessful as I always used to try to load my program and did not wait that long. After the example is finished executing the wait was over. I could then load any program and step through.

Also, it is worth mentioning and I don't know why, after I terminate the debug session, my beagleboard is dead and I have to hard reset it to give back life.

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