Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Report 4

Status and Accomplishment
  • Successfully captured frames from Logitech webcam pro 9000 using opencv library functions.
  • Tested the code for 1-D DFT using DSPLib. Also worte code for IUNIVERSAL using Sobel_3x3,5x5 and 7x7 using IMGLib. Tested functioning of sobel_3x3 and found to work well. Wrote application for the arm side to pass an image pointer after saving it in a continious memory block and save the processed image later.
  • Executed QualiTI test for the IUNIVERSAL library package for the written code. Made some changes to comply with XDAIS standard.
  • Seperate the app and arm-side library for integration with opencv with proper namespace.
  • Look into opencv data-structure and do necessary data mangling so that I could process it using functions from DSPLib and IMGLib.
  • Further explore the webcam and process the image received from the webcam using IUNIVERSAL based engine.
  • I have a working copy of opencv in my beagleboard, which I got from opkg installer. But I want to build one using openembedded. When I tried to "bitbake opencv" I got some error almost at the end. I am not able to solve it. The error log can be found at .
  • Capturing continious frames from my webcam is giving me some error message regarding invalid hauffman code. Also there is some flickering in the image periodically which is believe is due to this error. I am not sure how to solve it. Also there are few other errors as I have mentioned at

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