Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Report 9

Status and Accomplishment
  • Simplified the build instruction. Worked on the recipe to build the project.
  • Worked on UNIVERSAL_processAsync(). Since I was passing a whole buffer, async call doesnot seem to work for this scheme. As which function will be called next is uncertain. I am now breaking down the buffer in chunks and working through it. But there is still confusion on the size of the buffer. For 7x7 soble I need at least 7 rows to pass where as for 3x3 I need at least 3 and for DFT, 1 is ok.
  • Tried to work on memory allocation of OpenCV on continious memroy. I am getting seg fault somewhere in Memory_alloc() and need to figure it out.
  • Try to come up with some solution for async call and continious memroy allocation.
  • Plan for the application part.
  • Since I did not hear further from kitware, I encorporated the integration part in a makefile. Using this file, the integration and re-build can be done.
  • Need to work on the above mentioned problem and come up with some best solution.

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